Monday 22 February 2016



Xtra Mile Recordings and Frank Turner are excited to announce the CD release of Ten For Ten. This set of ten tracks, handpicked by Frank, was originally released on vinyl as part of The First Ten Years boxed set released late 2015. A 7LP set, it included The First, Second and Third Three Years compilations.

Now on CD for the first time, Ten For Ten spans the last ten years of Frank’s career. It boasts a host of demos, live and alternative tracks including the original demo of long-term live favourite ‘The Ballad of Me and My Friends’, live versions of ‘I Am Disappeared’, ‘Substitute’ and ‘Isabel’, and previously unreleased / non-album tracks ‘Old Flames’ (featuring Billy the Kid) and ‘Atlanta Curse’.

It’s an intriguing addition to any FT collection, and a completist's dream, as it showcases the origins and development of some of his most-loved songs, along with some newer gems that are sure to become back catalogue classics. It nicely rounds off the decade covered by the Three Years compilations, leaving a clean slate for the next ten years.

Frank is currently touring Canada, both solo and full band shows with support from Canadian labelmate Northcote, having started the year with a European tour. He will return to Europe in March, including his longest run of dates in Spain so far. Festival dates are filling up for Frank, and he's currently slated to appear at Groezrock in Belgium and Southside and Hurricane festivals in Germany this summer. He will also be on the second Flogging Molly Salty Dog Cruise in March.

It's been a long road form when he was carrying just a rucksack and an acoustic guitar, playing dive bars, pubs, squats, house parties and anywhere else that would have him, and slinging homemade demo CDs at the shows. In 2015 , Frank released his sixth studio album, Positive Songs For Negative People, which entered the Official Album Chart at number 2, only beaten to the top spot by Dr. Dre’s Straight Outta Compton soundtrack (the ex-NWA hip hop artist's first album in 16 years).

Ten For Ten tracklisting:
01. Old Flames (Feat. Billy The Kid)
02. The Next Storm (Original Demo)
03. Hits & Mrs (Full Band Demo)
04. I Am Disappeared (Live)
05. Wessex Boy (Original Demo)
06. Atlanta Curse
07. Redemption (Matt Nasir Mix)
08. Isabel (Live)
09. Substitute (Live At The BBC)
10. The Ballad Of Me and My Friends (Original Demo)