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Feldberg release debut album ‘Don’t Be A Stranger’ on 11th April through Smalltown America


Icelandic duo Feldberg release debut album ‘Don’t Be A Stranger’ on 11th April through Smalltown America preceded by single of the same name on 28th February
Iceland and its volcanic output may not be flavour of the month (or year) with Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary, but the island continues to inspire and amaze as a musical force. Meet Reykjavik pop-rock duo Feldberg, the newest addition to Iceland’s enviable canon of internationally acclaimed acts and the latest signings to Smalltown America's blossoming, eclectic roster.

Feldberg - carnaby St pic

Consisting of singer Rósa Birgitta Ísfeld and multi-instrumentalist Einar Tönsberg (better known as Eberg), Feldberg first came together in 2008. Einar had recently returned to Iceland from London and was looking for a vocalist to record ‘Running Around,’ a song he had written for an advert for an Icelandic shopping mall. “It was a lovely accident,” explains Einar. “I needed a vocal, somebody to do a female vocal. I called up my friends and they all said ‘You have to call Rosa.’ She was at my studio ten minutes later and she hasn’t left.” Rósa adds: “It was really comfortable from the very beginning, like it was destiny. I felt like I should stay once I was there. It’s kind of like a relationship without the romance.”

“We kind of decided not to analyse anything,” says Einar. “Our rule was just to do the first thing that came to mind. Keep it fun and simple. I guess we’ve both been in projects where we’ve over-analysed things and wanting to do the most special music in the world but now we just want to do what’s natural for us.”

The duo’s singles ‘Don’t Be a Stranger’ and ‘Dreamin’’ have turned heads both at home and abroad. ‘Dreamin’’ won Best Song at the 2010 Icelandic Music Awards and was selected by trendsetting French boutique label Kitsuné for its Maison 9 compilation, while ‘Don’t Be a Stranger’ spent four weeks in the Icelandic top 10. ‘Don’t Be a Stranger’ will see its release on our fair shores on the 28th February through Smalltown America followed by the duos debut record which shares the same name on 11th April.

‘Don’t Be A Stranger’ tracklisting:

1. In Your Arms
2. Farewell
3. Dreamin’
4. Running Around
5. House of Fun
6. Eleven
7. You & Me
8. Sleepy
9. Don’t Be A Stranger
10. Love Me Tomorrow

"If Daft Punk were human, this is what they would sound like."

“Dreamin’ is a perfect example of the combination of pop and electronic music”

For more information please contact Dan Griffiths (National/Online) or Anthea (Regional) - - 020 792 9400

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