Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Latitude additions - Stephen Frears, Lightspeed Champion, Glen Wool and more!

16th – 19th July 2009
Henham Park Estate, Southwold, Suffolk

BAFTA presents:
Q&A with Stephen Frears, interviewed by David Morrissey
‘Le Donk’ screening and Q&A with Shane Meadows and Paddy Considine
Preview of ‘White Lightnin’ and Q&A with Edward Hogg

~ Lightspeed Champion sings Cat Stevens’ songs from the soundtrack of 1971 film Harold & Maude ~

~ ‘Do You Love Me Like I Love You’ Part 5: Tender Prey, plus Q&A with Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard ~

~ Robin Ince ~ Glen Wool ~ Tom Stade ~

~ ID Political Debate ~
~ Orwell: A Celebratiom ~
~ Fflur Dafydd ~ Pete Brown: Man Walks Into A Pub ~

~Talkeoke ~

~ Phil Nichol ~ David Hoyle ~ The Voguettes & Glitterbanditz~
~ The La De Dahs ~ Nathan Evans ~

~ Music Of The Spheres ~ Avant Garde ~ Revealing Eve~

~ The Pleasance 'The Gannet' ~ Evi Vine ~ Yeah Sparrow ~

Lavish 'Open Art'
~ Jake Clark ~ Giles Walker ~ Mode 2~ Foundry ~ Paul Burgess~ James Stephens ~
~ Tim Simmons ~ Maria Slovakova ~ Gabi Swiakowska ~ Johnny Cole ~
~Tamsyn Adams ~Emma Jenkins & Dia Jenkins ~Caroline Wright ~Snub & Defacto ~
~ Louise Gray hosting ‘In conversation with Artists’ ~

The pioneering, award-winning Latitude Festival returns to England’s Sunrise Coast for another spectacular edition. Taking place on 16th – 19th July, near Suffolk’s stunning seaside town of Southwold, organisers Festival Republic are promising Latitude will be the perfect British summer destination.


The British Academy of Film and Television Arts returns to the festival for a third year and is proud to present a dynamic series of events in 2009. At this year’s festival there will be a number of constructive and captivating workshops, Q&A’s and forums that are all about audience participation!

This year BAFTA presents a stellar line up of events including an on-stage interview with BAFTA and Oscar winning director Stephen Frears; a Q&A with BAFTA-winning director Shane Meadows and BAFTA-winning director and actor Paddy Considine alongside a special premiere of their anticipated new mock-rockumentary Le Donk; and fresh from causing a storm at Sundance festival, an exclusive preview of the new film White Lightnin’ accompanied by a Q&A with its star, Edward Hogg.

BAFTA Chief Executive Amanda Berry said:
“BAFTA is delighted to be returning for a third year to the fantastic Latitude Festival. This year’s line up of events demonstrates the range and versatility of British filmmakers and will appeal to everyone who loves film. Latitude is an excellent platform for BAFTA to fulfil its mission of helping audiences access industry expertise and celebrate excellence in film, television and video games. A special report of BAFTA’s trip to Latitude will be hosted on the BAFTA website www.bafta.org shortly after the festival.”

Established as a leading director in British cinema and TV in the 1980s, Stephen Frears has a keen visual awareness and compelling ability to tell a story. Unexpectedly carving himself an international and extraordinarily wide-ranging career in the past ten years, Frears will be interviewed by actor David Morrissey who worked with Frears on The Deal, in which Morrissey played Gordon Brown. Making films that branch into unfamiliar territory, his career has taken in biographical dramas (Prick Up Your Ears, The Queen), adaptations (Dangerous Liaisons, The Snapper), Hollywood hits (High Fidelity), Oscar nominations (My Beautiful Launderette, The Grifters), television remakes (Fail Safe) indie-thrillers (Dirty Pretty Things), period pieces (Mrs Henderson Presents), countless BAFTA nominations and two BAFTA Awards. Unexpectedly carving himself an international and extraordinarily wide-ranging career, we are delighted to welcome one of this country's most vibrant and recognizable filmmakers, Stephen Frears, to the Film & Music Arena at Latitude. This will captivate film fans and the general public alike.

Highly acclaimed indie film director Shane Meadows brings his latest faux-documentary to Latitude audiences. Having been shot on $50,000 in just five days with no script or funding and a limited crew, ‘Le Donk’ arrives as a short film having first surfaced on ‘One Upon A Time In The Midlands’ DVD extras. After the success and huge critical acclaim of Shane Meadow’s BAFTA Best British Film winner ‘This Is England’, this mock rock-umentary tells the story of the doomed roadie and his hapless charge, real-life Nottingham rapper Scorz-ay-zee, described by Donk at one point as the “Honey Monster with a lobotomy”. The film documents Donk’s attempts to gatecrash the Arctic Monkeys’ 2007 Old Trafford show and get Scorz an opening slot. The film features not only Olivia Colman (Hot Fuzz, Peep Show) and Paddy Considine as the ex-builder, ex-drummer Donk, but also the band Arctic Monkeys. Following the screening, BAFTA winning director Shane Meadows and lead actor Paddy Considine will take part in a Q&A session.

Inspired by the life of the Appalachian "dancing outlaw", ’White Lightnin’ is Dominic Murphy’s first feature film and fictional tribute to the dancer and violent career criminal Jesco White. Starring alongside Carrie Fisher, newcomer Edward Hogg has been steadily building a name as someone to watch. Playing the tortured genius, Hogg goes deep into the dark corners of artistic genius, addiction, and insanity. Jesco White's real life story includes stays in a mental institution, a bit part in Roseanne and copious drug use. Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs composed the music to accompany the film and his score features distorted sounds and melodies to reflect the main characters’ conflicting personalities. Bearing witness to the dual powers of revenge and redemption, and the bone-chilling lengths that White will go to have both, in this sensational film narrated from the fictional moment of Jesco’s death we discover a strict, crazy, illiterate, and fundamentalist man that dictates life with a religious style. Following the screening of this premiere, Edward Hogg will participate in what is sure to be a very special Q&A session.

Acclaimed singer, songwriter and composer Lightspeed Champion a.k.a. Devonte Hynes will be singing the classic songs from cult 1971 film ‘Harold and Maude’. The original soundtrack was penned and performed by Cat Stevens (now Yusuf Islam) and includes two songs, ‘Don't Be Shy’ and ‘If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out’ that he composed specifically for the movie. Harold and Maude directed by Hal Ashby is a fantastic love story full of slapstick, dark humour and existentialist drama, that revolves around the exploits of a morbid young man – Harold and his relationship with septuagenarian Maude. The film is number 45 on the American Film Institute's list of 100 Funniest Movies of all time, number 69 in its list for most romantic and number 42 on Bravo's 100 Funniest Movies. In 1997, it was selected for preservation in the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress as being deemed "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant." In what will be a very special live performance from Dev Hynes performing Cat Steven’s songs from the much loved film, this will be unmissable.

Coinciding with what will be a phenomenal festival finale by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds the Film & Music Arena will be hosting a pre-release screening of the fifth film in Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard's ongoing ‘Do You Love Me Like I Love You’ series of 14 films commissioned by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds to accompany the reissues of their influential catalogue. This advance screening will be followed by an audience Q&A session with Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard. This particular film focuses on the Tender Prey album, originally released by Mute in 1988, and including the legendary 'Mercy Seat'. The films themselves are the creation of artists Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard and each 40 minute film is a collection of straight to camera pieces from fans and collaborators, including Kid Congo Powers, Blixa Bargeld, Flood, Bobby Gillespie, Alan Vega, Nick Zinner, Simon Reynolds, Kris Needs, Mark Arm, Sean Hughes, Daniel Miller and Noah Taylor. The result is a subjective human portrait of the truly unique body of work produced by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds over the last 25 years, told through those who have lived and loved the music. A must for any Nick Cave fan!


As well as presenting his legendary Book Club over in the Literary Arena, Robin Ince pitches up in the Comedy Arena to perform his critically acclaimed show, ‘Bleeding Heart Liberal’. The show is all about astronomers with noses made of gold, crazed fundamentalists, TV spats with Vanessa Feltz, Charles Darwin, the behaviour of bonobos and the poo fairy, plus pretty much anything else Robin has read about in the last year. Robin has made many TV appearances on programmes The News Quiz, Just A Minute, Loose Ends, The Now Show, and Armando Iannucci's Charm Offensive as well as Mock the Week, The Office, Never Mind the Buzzcocks, Lab Rats, and Richard and Judy. He also supported Ricky Gervais on his recent arena shows. Robin is also the winner of Time Out Outstanding Achievement in Comedy Award, two Chortle Awards and was nominated for a British XComedy award for best live show.

Another Canadian comic Glen Wool is also confirmed for the Comedy Arena. His material veers between sagely political and gleefully silly, discussing both the pop group Franz Ferdinand and the Pope's contribution to cryogenic programmes. Wool starred in a self-titled show produced for Channel 4's ‘comedy lab’ season in 2004. The show saw him attempting to exorcise a ghost from his place of residence. His random flights of fancy and hilarious ad hoc stories are a must see.

Joining the Comedy Arena line-up is clever and controversial Canadian comic Tom Stade. In demand around the globe, he is a versatile and naturally gifted performer who quickly became a star in Canada, appearing in the critically acclaimed sitcom The Newsroom and the award-winning feature film My Own Private Oshawa. As a stand-up he starred in Club 54, Open Mike, and Comics, as well as hosting his own show on CBC/Comedy Central Stade And Confused and has appeared on every series of Paramount/Channel 5’s The Comedy Store, BBC TV’s The Live Floor Show, Comedy Central/ Paramount’s The World Stands Up, ITV2’s Comedy Cuts and BBC1’s Primetime Show Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow.


Instigate Debate – the counterculture project formed by a collective of musicians including Carl Barat, and Jon “The Reverend” McClure host a unique debate at Latitude Festival to discuss with you tomorrow’s chip paper: Our media. A high profile and diverse panel of media guests including Jon McClure will scream, shout, rant, rave, consider and combine ideas relating to the following title: “Tabloid Culture: Is Our News Media Walking a New Street of Shame?” Topics up for discussion will include; Are the freesheets & the blogosphere killing quality journalism? Will Rupert Murdoch swing his empire behind David Cameron and will it matter? How much is online news worth to you? Is the line between editorial & advertisers still being held and does it matter? Come along to the Literary Arena and bring your tuppence worth on the subjects above. Speed debate with our panel and other guests and win a gig in your house for you and your friends from the likes of Babyshambles, The View, Reverend and the Makers, The Libertines, The La’s and more.

Orwell: A Celebration is an unprecedented theatrical tribute to the work of George Orwell. Directed by Gene David Kirk, it marks the 60th and 70th anniversaries of the publication of Nineteen Eighty-Four and Coming up for Air. ‘A Celebration’ which has recently finished a West End run prior to national tour and features the chilling distillation of the ‘Ministry of Love’ interrogation scene from Nineteen Eighty-Four which we will be screening at Latitude. “…The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power… If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - for ever…” The scene from Nineteen Eighty-Four features party apparatchik O'Brien (Alan Cox) and the novel’s lone hero Winston Smith (Ben Porter) and contains some of the most famous lines in 20th century English literature.

Novelist and singer-songwriter Fflur Dafydd is a graduate of UEA’s Creative Writing MA and was selected in 2005 for the Scritture Giovani project for emerging European writers. With even more strings to her bow, Fflur has performed in festivals across Europe as both musician and author, has a PhD on the poetry of R.S. Thomas and currently lectures in Creative Writing at Swansea University. Writing poems and songs in both Welsh and English, and has won numerous awards for her writing, including the prestigious Prose Medal at the National Eisteddfod in 2006. Her first English novel Twenty Thousand Saints (Alcemi, 2008) was recently awarded the Oxfam Hay Emerging Writer of the Year Award and follows two Welsh language novels and two albums as a singer-songwriter.

Beer has been at the heart of British society and culture for over 300 years and our love-affair for it refuses to dwindle or die. In his compelling book ‘Man Walks Into A Pub : A Sociable History Of Beer’ author Pete Brown presents an entertaining look into our favourite brews packed with bar-room bet-winning facts and entertaining digression which every pub-goer will want to dip into. "Like a good drinking companion, Pete Brown tells a remarkable story: a stream of fascinating facts, etymologies, and pub-related urban phenomena." Daily Express


Join in on Thursday at Latitude with Talkaoke, a mobile chat-show that invites participants to sit down and air their views around the talkaoke table ('the doughnut of chat'). The host sits in the middle on a swivel chair wielding the microphone and facilitating the flow of discussion between participants. The talkaoke table's internal PA and video projection system broadcasts live from the table into whatever environment it is placed in, and onto the Internet, and remote participants can make their contributions to the debate via email. The tone and content of conversation shifts unpredictably from raucous and irreverent to serious and intimate; anything can happen but there are two rules: no singing and no punch-ups.


Winner of The Stage Award for Acting Excellence in 2005 for The Zoo Story and nominee for The Stage Award for Acting Excellence in 2006 for Talk Radio, Phil Nichol is an acclaimed performer. He was first known as the guitar playing member of top classic musical comedy trio 'Corky and The Juice Pigs' but it’s Phil's solo performances that have earned him huge critical praise and many awards. He is a Tasmanian devil with a guitar, wickedly funny songs and superb improvisational skills. Phil is also a superb character comedian performing greasy fist Joe, Kenny Smiles and his own rendition of Björk as part of the Lenny Beige show.

Performance artist and comedian David Hoyle joins the Cabaret Arena line-up. He first came to fame with his arts TV programme under his stage-name and alter-ego ‘The Divine David’. After killing off this screeching character in 2000 at an Ice Show in Streatham he returned six years later as The David Hoyle a more true to his own self character, less sinister than Divine David, yet still as sharp and controversial in confronting taboo subjects. He has done this no better than with his recent run of shows at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, the pioneering alternative gay venue in South London. Dave's Drop-in Centre was loosely inspired by a psychiatric daycare centre and all the activities that go on, from occupational therapy to hobbies to empowerment, and group catharsis. Collaborating with different performers from the alternative scene including burlesque comedian and fellow Latitude performer Fancy Chance the shows touch on issues such as nationalism, nationality and immigration; the past and childhood. The shows are car-crash, rage-fuelled, issue-based comedy constructed by the King – or Queen – of alternative humour.

Nathan Evans is a puppeteer, performer, writer, director, producer, filmmaker, artist and musician among other things. His films have screened in the Raindance, East End and London Lesbian & Gay Film Festivals, been broadcast on Channel 4, toured nationally with the BFI, and internationally with the British Council. One of them even won an award in the London Short Film Festival a few years ago. He’s performed at venues and festivals including The Royal Court, The Royal Vauxhall Tavern, BAC, Soho Theatre, Bethnal Green, and Glastonbury. You may remember him as the impresario of Vauxhallville, described by the Guardian as ‘a high camp attack on high art’. This year he brings his politically incorrect Punch & Jude show for big kids to Pandora’s Playground. He’ll also be running a puppet workshop. Bring a sock. Unused if possible.

Last year, three musical friends Rachel Dawson, Grace Williamson and Claire Lawrence joined forces to create the wonder that is The La De Dahs. Originally inspired by the music of The Andrews Sisters, they began to re-arrange well loved modern day songs into a 1940s style. Half the fun of their performances is guessing what modern song they’ve transformed (could it be Blur, The Darkness, Steppenwolf or even Radiohead?) The La De Dahs are an a capella, comedic, all-singing girl group who will swing you in ways you’ve never been swung before! There are no gimmicks, no instruments and no recorded sounds… these girls make all of the music with their voices, blended together perfectly with their beautiful harmonies.

Sassy, sexy, soulful and smart, The Voguettes will perform one of their classic DJ sets that will set hearts pumping and minds racing. These five blonde women always present something special with equal measures of sunshine and thunder. Last year they spread the love by handing out paper hearts for people to leave messages on for that someone special and offered a kissing booth for all those lusting festival go-ers. Expect something similarly special for this year’s event.

With hot pants that are too tight and enough glitter to just about cover the beer bellies underneath, winners of the World Disco Dancing Competition in 1983 Glitterbanditz will be treating festival-ravers to some killer dance routines. Belting out original tracks influenced by the feel good retro of Wham! and Mark Bolan, Glitterbanditz interpretive dance routines have to be seen to be believed. The boys have supported Blondie at the London Hippodrome and George Michael at Wembley (as the second act ever to perform at the new Wembley stadium) so they certainly know how to work an audience – don’t miss them strutting their stuff at Henham Park.


Imagine: a Sphere the size of a small house floats surreally on the Latitude lake, a flautist suspended within its exact centre as radio microphones transmit the flute’s sound to computers on the shore, so that the sound is bounced around the lake from speaker to speaker. As the music moves through various scenes the Sphere weaves a ballet on the water and the computers create a whole orchestra of flutes from the one live instrument. Well that was last year at Latitude – this year there will be a second giant sphere joining the first with an aerial dancer spinning within! Surrounding the audience with a stunning kaleidoscope of aural and visual effects, Simon Desorgher’s ‘Music of the Spheres’ will perform the perfect lake-side spectacle.

Choreographed by Tony Adigun, ‘The Silver Tree’ by Avant Garde Dance sees the company collaborate with Chinese pole artists in an explosive new show. At first glance, Chinese Pole and Hip Hop Dance might appear strange bedfellows, however they share a similar physicality and acrobatic shape throwing. Expect these ingredients to create an original, fresh, contemporary circus dance piece. Avant Garde Dance was established in 2001 by choreographer Tony Adigun. With their unique style of Abstract Streetdance they constantly strive to challenge the norm and be different from others around them. Mixing different styles and shapes together their ethos is to Innovate Never Replicate!!! Avant Garde have previously presented their work at the The Place, Sadler’s Wells Theatre and The South Bank Centre as well as the Lovebox Weekender and the Paradise Gardens Festival (2006-8). The show is commissioned by Paradise Gardens and Stockton International Riverside Festival and produced by Circus Space and Remarkable Productions in association with East London Dance.

Famed choreographer and performer Charlotte Eatock brings her stunning production 'Revealing Eve' to Latitude’s stage on the lake as well as performing in the Cabaret Arena. ‘Revealing Eve’ is a short solo about the objectification of women. Motivated by her own insecurities and doubts the piece reveals her link to Eve and the female form as a symbol of strength. Originally performed at Stratford Circus as part of Small Dances it will be accompanied with music by Camper Van Beethoven.


Pleasance Theatre are presenting three ‘Picks’ for Latitude this year, including ‘The Gannet’ by Fat Content Theatre. Using Latitude’s stunning woodland area ‘The Gannet’ is a story of siblings fleeing from a city destroyed by a plague. Manoeuvred by a ravenous eye, they venture into a dark forest embarking upon a surreal odyssey. Can they escape taboo breaking animals and sugar coated enemies as strange temptations strain their unusual bond? Enter the weird and wonderful world presented by Fat Content as their unique storytelling comes to life in a promenade-come-cabaret event with mountains of cakes, sweets, dancing animals, an act from contortionist Maxlastic and a live set from DJ J-Lynx.

Performing on Latitude’s enchanted woodland stage as well as in the Lavish Lounge; Brixton based Yeah Sparrow will bring their unique blend of folk and rock influences to Latitude’s outside spaces. With edgy storytelling that comes from the seedier side of South London, Yeah Sparrow is a ball of energy fusing the rasping voice and guitar of vocalist Kevin Hadley, with the relentless percussion and vocals of Dave Mackie and the driving bass of Christoph Bauschinger, to invoke a sound that is part art-pop, part anti-folk and part twisted blues, ranging from tense low-fire melancholy moments to tremendous wall of folk.

The hypnotic and hauntingly beautiful Evi Vine will also be performing in the Lavish Lounge & on the In The Woods Stage. Evi is a singer/songwriter emerging from the UK’s underground music scene, inspired by such diverse artists as Leonard Cohen, the Cocteau Twins, Arvo Part and Nine Inch Nails. Raw and emotive, Evi’s powerful, but minimalist narrative style is very much her own. Her voice is described as haunting and other-worldly; her lyrics telling of isolation, sex, death and alienation. Few performers can consistently deliver such an impassioned, emotional and hypnotic show as her potent and mesmerising live performances draw the audience into compelled silence. “Excellent…absorbing, haunting and sensual…welcome to the darkside of the blues.” (Sunday Times)


Latitude’s woodland, lush green fields and winding lake are the perfect backdrop for displaying inspiring, individual pieces of art created specifically for the festival. Lavish artists have created some of Latitude’s most iconic images including the 200 multi-coloured sheep that graze lazily by the lake and the tree-hung paintings deep in the woodland. This year Lavish artists have conjured up yet more incredible pieces that will be displayed all over the festival site. Their extraordinary pieces will create fabulous little surprises and treats waiting at every turn.

Exhibited within the woods, painting from award-winning artist Jake Clark will delight festival goers as the already scenic footpath is made even more beautiful with a series of paintings. Clark’s works are populated with images of vaguely remembered holiday exploits of family groups; sketchy staged bodies in sports gear and action; and the burning clarity of gaudy hallucinated Lidos. Tableaux of organised leisure, they trigger historical associations with sports culture in the period of modernism after World War I, and critically engage with the related concept of ‘utopia’. The garishness of the paint and the fragmented nature of forms imply looming disaster rather than fun. The recent paintings depict bungalows sitting within seaside resorts, acting like modernist blocks in the landscape. Jakes & his work have been featured in many publications including The Independent & the New York Times.

In the Cabaret Arena, Giles Walker will present ‘Peep Show’ – an astonishing show of two fully animated exotic pole-dancers. As a founder member of the guerilla-art group The Mutoid Waste Company Giles Walker has worked with robots for over 20 years & started building kinetic sculptures & robots from materials found in various scrap-yards around Europe. In 1993 he created ‘Antibody’ a robotic rock’n’roll band consisting of fourteen robotic musicians and in 1994 he worked with the legendary Ian Dury on a project, Ruby Throat; a combination of performance, music, and a radio-controlled, robotic, lead vocalist.

Inside the Lavish Lounge you’ll find one of the most influential graffiti artists there has ever been; Mode 2. A founding member of one of Europe's first serious graffiti crews, the Chrome Angelz, whose paintings had pride of place in Henry Chalfant and James Prigoff's Spraycan Art, he moved to Paris where he painted throughout the 90s, with Parisian graffiti outfit 93 NTM. Mode 2 is one of only a few people who successfully bridge the linguistic and cultural divide that separates the two cities. His lettering and crisp character paintings are world-famous, and Latitude are proud to welcome him back for the third year running, where he will for the first time be painting live at the Festival!

In the dank and murky midst that is the mind of Neil Antcliff’s Foundry, eclectic material is collected and fused under high temperatures and once molten the viscous liquid poured from the pot into the casks producing perfectly imperfect forms. Although Neil utilises a variety of media he is still drawn to the inherent qualities of aerosol. A medium that has been used in the earliest forms of cave painting (spraying chewed pigment from the mouth) and one that is essentially controlling particles of paint. What happens to those particles between the can and the surface is predictably unpredictable. Using the can as a mere tool to control the paint, a tool that allows you to move from microscopic pondering to macroscopic movement. From the faint cackle of a partially blocked skinny cap to the foaming gasp of a fat cap as paint flatly coats a surface……bulges……then slowly bleeds downwards…… mmmmmmmmm paint.

Paul Burgess will produce portraits of some of the key artists and performers at Latitude, such as Grace Jones, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds and Pet Shop Boys and these images will be completed live during the Festival using paint/collage on wood/found objects and situated within the woods. Since graduating from Camberwell School of Art and the Royal College of Art in London, Paul Burgess has worked as a freelance illustrator for many different clients including: The Guardian, Sex Pistols, Rough Trade Records, Pulp, Top Shop, Vintage Books, MTV, Penguin Books, Island Records, The Observer, Wolff Olins, Greenpeace, The Independent, Sunday Times, The Delays, and many others.
James Stephens has created ‘Gladys & Me’ an Interactive Art trail located In The Woods. Things are never quite what they seem in James’s world, and those things we do recognise divide, dissolve, blend and fuse to create uncanny visions that are partly new, partly familiar, but always unique, witty and challenging. The way in which James will be lifting these characters outside of the limits of their frames by replicating and wearing the costumes and characteristics of these bizarre characters himself - within the context of the festival - will also explore the barriers between people, animals and things, art and life, normal and abnormal. James’ unusual exhibit will be in the form of an interactive trail which will be great fun for guests to take part in.

As the sun sets over Latitude Festival the site takes on an altogether different look with illuminated trees and projections courtesy of Tim Simmons who presents ‘Intervention’, an ongoing series of immaculately crafted images. The culmination of 20 years’ experimentation in illuminating the landscape he instinctively seeks out texture and form, coaxing out the physical peculiarities of a place through the careful introduction of artificial light. The resulting images are tableau of places at once familiar and unknown, imbued with an illusive, beckoning quality, which pushes them to the brink of recognition and into the realms of fantasy.

Found at the Magic Faraway Tree near the Cabaret Arena Maria Slovakova brings her colourful creatures to Latitude Festival. Her playful installations include coverage of vehicles, large scale murals, as well as short animation films and design in form of stickers, badges as well as cross stitch kits… Her hand painted sneakers are currently travelling with Sneaker Pimps tour! Maria is an internationally acclaimed artist, who has, in last number of years, exhibited her artwork worldwide in both galleries and alternative locations. Going by the principle: 'Go full coverage', she does not limit herself to a particular surface but always finds interest in exploring new ways of applying her images...this includes digital design, acrylic paintings on canvas and wood, animation, as well as working in both interiors and exteriors on large scale murals and installations.

Adorning the trees and bushes of Latitude’s fairytale forest area will be a series of works by famed artist Gabi Swiatkowska. Having studied at New York’s prestigious Cooper Union, the highly selective art and engineering school, part of the beauty and, frankly, the fun of Swiatkowska's art lies in her exceptional skill as a painter and her references to Old Masters. Her intricate drawings of random objects, weird creatures, and strange-yet-familiar seem to channel some combination of Rube Goldberg and Hieronymus Bosch.

A graduate of the Royal Academy of Art, cult British artist Johnny Cole specialises in the production of small black & white comic books that hold fantastic stories and illustrations about his daily life. Ranging from the poignantly insightful to the downright hilarious, these illustrative masterpieces often cover entire walls, and his covetable pocket-sized editions are fast becoming collector’s items. Johnny will be working in situ again this year on giant comic book pages, drawing on his experiences of the festival and its guests as he proceeds; so if you head down to the woods today, you may just find yourself eternalised in one of his storyboards…or invited by him to join in!

Tamsyn Adams is our youngest exhibiting artist this year at just 15 yrs old & she lives on Henham Estate. For Latitude Tamsyn will be roaming the site and painting live during the festival creating a piece depicting Henham & how it is complete, not only the festival in full swing as we all see it but as it is for the rest of the year as well. Tamsyn has just left school & will be going to Sir John Leman college in September to study A level Art, English, Science, BTEC performing arts and BTEC Media.

Emma Hart & Dia Jenkins join the open art exhibition this year with ‘Pay And Display’ an incredible piece of conceptual multidisciplinary art presented in the Cabaret Arena. An ordinary looking car with opaque windows is mysteriously parked up, reminiscent of an illicit meeting, a secret tryst. As dusk falls the windscreen becomes illuminated - becoming home to a back projected series of art films made specifically for the car. Once a night, chance passers by become voyeurs to ‘Disco Kissing’ a simply dazzling display, eminating from within the car, of coloured light projections, silhouette and shadow play, choreographed to a sound track. 3 films have already been made by the artists for the car that run continuously on a loop after the hours of darkness. Hart and Jenkins propose to create a 4th ‘Latitude’ film for the programme, created onsite and involving the Festival audience.

Located at the Welcome Entrance and In The Woods Caroline Wright explores the four principles of the ancient rituals of The Japanese Tea Ceremony with stunning neon installations. Interested in the nature of human interaction, exploring the way we create habits, rites and communal actions, ‘Untitled’ (believe) is focused on the way, in the 21st Century the urban Japanese culture is shifting as it absorbs and adopts western ways and young people challenge age-old boundaries. The ancient Japanese tea ceremony is in danger of dying out, as young people choose not to learn how to host a tea ceremony, an undertaking that can take over ten years. In the tea ceremony, which is influenced by Taoism and Zen Buddhism, powdered green tea, or matcha, is traditionally prepared and served to others in the ‘way of tea’. Each of the four principles of tea - Harmony, Respect, Tranquillity and Purity - underlines the different ritualistic elements of the formal procedure. Untitled (believe) proclaims the four principles of a now dying tradition in today’s visual language of the young. The vividness of the message delivered by the bright green neon asks the audience to consider the influence of western life and consumerism and instead think of traditional ways, heritage and the principles of life

Following on from their success at Latitude last year artists SNUB & Defacto return as this years featured artists. Once again they have designed & produced stunning work to feature within the Cabaret, Comedy, Music & Film, Poetry & Literature Arena’s. The work of SNUB23 & DEFACTO (who form a part of Grafik Warfare), has been integrated not only into the 6 Arena Facades but also within the tents this year. You can also see the work of these Featured Artists by the lake on large letters. SNUB23 & DEFACTO & Grafik Warfare are a street art collective who are bringing colour back to the streets and anything else they can get their paints, stickers and paste-ups on. Most recently part of 'The Cans Festival' in London (organised by Banksy), the pair bring a slice of Grafik Warfare's internationally renowned talent to Latitude lovers.

Within the Lavish Lounge Louise Gray will host ‘In conversation with Artists’. Following extensive research Gray together with a panel will tour the festival site on Sunday morning and then take part in 2 timetabled ‘panel’ discussions in the intimate environment of the Lavish Lounge on Sunday afternoon. Artists exhibiting in Open Art are programmed to appear on stage ‘In Conversation’ with Louise & the panel in 2 separate groups, all coming together in the final section. Gray will lead the live discussion, where the audience will have the opportunity to hear the artists talk about their work in general, ask questions, and for the critics to comment on the pieces at the site. The discussions will extend further to talk about Latitude Festival as a new model context for making and viewing contemporary visual artwork: how it influences the nature of the work, how artists and curators can use the potential for reaching new audiences, how it sits with the music & performance program and festival vibe. Quotes from the discussions will then be compiled and posted on the Latitude website. This will be the first of these discussions to take place at Latitude. Gray is an arts and performance writer whose work has appeared in The Wire, New Internationalist, Museums Journal, The Independent on Sunday, Art Review and Art Press. Her book, The No-Nonsense Guide to World Music, was published by New Internationalist in April 2009. The panel consists of Ben Borthwick a curator at the Tate Modern and specialist in sound-related practices and large scale installations & Anne Hilde Neset, deputy editor of The Wire magazine and co-founder of Electra Productions.

Elsewhere, the very best in film, theatre, comedy, literature, poetry, dance, art and cabaret will be pitching up at the fourth edition of Latitude Festival. Sadler’s Wells and the Royal Opera House will be showcasing stunning performances on The Waterfront Stage; Royal Shakespeare Company, The Bush, National Theatre, Paines Plough, and nabokov plus more will all be coming to the Theatre Arena along with the English Touring Theatre presenting Latitude’s first musical ‘Been So Long’. Also for the first time is the dynamic orchestral brilliance of Britten Sinfonia performing in Latitude’s outdoor spaces. The House Of BlueEyes collective will be presenting a stunning fashionrock n’ roll circus over the lake at sunset plus stellar poets Andrew Motion, Brian Patten, Jackie Kay and Simon Armitage will be in the Poetry Arena. The Cabaret Arena welcomes Pippa Evans, Ida Barr, Dusty Limits, Johnny Woo, Timberlina, David Mills and Watson & Oliver plus 4 stages dedicated to a full range of music from established iconic performers like headliners Grace Jones, Pet Shop Boys, Nick & The Bad Seeds, Doves, Editors, and Pretenders as well as emerging artists like Little Boots, Ladyhawke and Bat For Lashes.


Weekend tickets £150 plus booking fees • Day tickets Fri, Sat, Sun £60 plus booking fee. Weekend tickets prices include car parking and camping • Days include car parking only.

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