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REEF: ’93 – ’03 ‘Ultimate Collectors Box Set’ Tracklisting.

REEF: ’93 – ’03 ‘Ultimate Collectors Box Set’ Tracklisting

Reef box set

Following the announcement that celebrated Brit rockers, REEF, are to release an exceptional and innovative box set in March, we can now reveal the full and comprehensive tracklisting.

Available to buy on 26th March 2012 REEF release their complete recorded works in this all-encompassing box set. Spanning across their ten year career, the 9 CD and 1 DVD package features every commercial song recorded, including their very first demo ‘The Purple Tape’ – which lead to the band being signed to Sony - as well as b-sides, demos, live tracks, rarities and previously un-released and un-heard material. The DVD includes all music promo videos, TV appearances and interviews and some home movie footage capturing the story of this iconic ‘90’s band.
Beautifully packaged the box set also contains a 64-page booklet featuring never-before-seen pictures of the band, a 12” vinyl of their newly arranged 5th album (Lucky #5), a vintage poster and a replica demo of their ‘Purple Tape’ sessions.

The full tracklisting is detailed below.

For this very special release PledgeMusic teamed up with the Metropolis Group to bring together this Ultimate Collectors boxset for the band, which was made available for pre-order in November 2011.

This partnership provides a direct-to-fan project giving REEF followers the chance to get first access and exclusive bonus content with the release of this new product.

In addition, REEF are making available a range of unique ‘pledger only’ items to their fans via be which include:

Signed REEF photographs
Signed drumskins and sticks
Limited edition T-Shirts
Boxset & gig ticket bundles

Gary Stringer, lead singer of REEF says: “We are properly stoked to finally have all the REEF music in one place ...... we've enjoyed looking back at our original 10 year blast from a fresh perspective and now fans and new friends alike can do the same with this great box set.”

To coincide with the release, the band will be playing two exclusive shows for 100 people at West London’s Metropolis Studios on 23rd and 24th March 2012. To gain tickets, fans will need to pre-order the boxset (priced at £200 inc. ticket, or £125 without) Further exclusives will be available via Pledge Music.

REEF formed in 1993, signing to Sony imprint S2 Records the following year. Their debut 1995 album ‘Replenish’ achieved Gold status and saw the band play shows with the Rolling Stones, Paul Weller and Soundgarden.
The follow up to Replenish, 1997’s ‘Glow’ stormed the UK Charts at Number 1 and included the single ‘Place Your Hands’. In 1999 the band released ‘Rides’ (George Drakoulias) and in the same year the band saw off the likes of Oasis and Pulp to win the Music Industry’s Soccer Six competition. Rides was followed by the poppier sounding ‘Getaway’ produced by Al Clay (Pixies, Stereophonics) in 2000 which was most notable for the single ‘Set The Record Straight’. Always a favourite at shows and Festivals alike, the band made many high profile appearances during this period, including Glastonbury and Reading festivals.
This incredible box set compiles all these phenomenal successes and lovingly documents the story of how West Country’s finest sons went from fledgling band to one of the best loved rock acts of the nineties.

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Disc 1: 93/95
1. Feed Me
2. Naked
3. Good Feeling
4. Repulsive
5. Mellow
6. Together
7. Replenish
8. Choose To Live
9. Comfort
10. Loose
11. End
12. Weird

Disc 2: 95/97
1. Place Your Hands
2. I Would Have Left You
3. Summer’s In Blooming
4. Lately Stomping
5. Consideration
6. Don’t You Like It?
7. Come Back Brighter
8. Higher Vibration
9. I’m Not Scared
10. Robot Riff
11. Yer Old
12. Lullaby

Disc 3: 97/99
1. New Bird
2. I’ve Got Something To Say
3. Wandering
4. Metro
5. Hiding
6. Sweety
7. Locked Inside
8. Back In My Place
9. Undone And Sober
10. Who Are You
11. Love Feeder
12. Moaner Snap
13. Funny Feeling
14. Electric Sunday
Disc 4: 99/00
1. Set The Record Straight
2. Superhero
3. Getaway
4. Solid
5. All I Want
6. Hold On
7. Saturday
8. Won’t You Listen?
9. Levels
10. Pretenders
11. I Do Not Know What They Will Do

Disc 5: Lucky Number 5
1. Lucky Number
2. Give Me Your Love
3. Stone For Your Love
4. Talk To Me
5. Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)
6. Say What You Want
7. Love Having You Around
8. Steal Away
9. Thank You Baby
10. Waster

Disc 6: B-Sides Vol. 1
1. Wake
2. Fade (Demo Version)
3. Sunrise Shakers
4. Acoustic One
5. Water Over Stone
6. Uncomfortable
7. The Snob
8. Resignation
9. It’s Not What I Need
10. Hawaiian Tooth
11. Back Into Line
12. Allotment
13. New Thinking
14. Claypits

Disc 7: B-Sides Vol. 2
1. Foot One
2. Buried
3. Triumphant Anthem
4. Bullitt
5. This Day
6. Gentle Morning
7. Haze
8. Life Seems So Clean
9. Nothing Town
10. Inside Outside
11. Bloody Mary
12. Nothing Can Change The Fact
13. Whistle Down
14. War Pigs
Disc 8: Live/Rarities
1. Place Your Hands (Live At Wireless)
2. Summer’s In Bloom (Live At Wireless)
3. Come Back Brighter (Live At Wireless)
4. Repulsive (Live Liquid Room Tokyo)
5. Speak Lark (Live Liquid Room Tokyo)
6. Naked (Live Liquid Room Tokyo)
7. Yer Old (Live From Derby)
8. Choose To Live (Live From Norwich)
9. War Pigs – Live
10. Saturday – Live
11. Talk To Me – Live
12. Wake (Live Royal Albert Hall 1994)
13. Good Feeling (Live Royal Albert Hall 1994)
14. Feed Me (Live Royal Albert Hall 1994)
15. End (Live Royal Albert Hall)

Disc 9: Demonstrator
1. Higher Vibration
2. Lately Stomping
3. New Bird
4. Stone For Your Love (Demo)
5. Thank You Baby (Demo)
6. Steal Away (Demo)
7. Talk To Me (Demo)
8. Unsocial Animal (Demo)
9. Young Man (Demo)
10. Don’t You Like It When I’m High (Writing Demo)
11. Soft Song (Consideration Writing Demo)
12. It’s Not What I Need (Writing Demo)
13. Robot Part (Orinoco Jam)
14. That’s Entertainment
15. Mellow (Hallucinogenic Vocal Pass)
16. Daze (Unreleased Demo)
17. Sweety (Live At Stepping Stone Studio)

Disc 10 (DVD): Videotape
Music Videos
1. Good Feeling
2. Naked
3. Weird
4. Weird (Christian Stevenson Edit)
5. Place Your Hands
6. Come Back Brighter
7. Consideration
8. Yer Old
9. I’ve Got Something To Say
10. Sweety
11. New Bird
12. Set The Record Straight
13. Superhero
14. All I Want
15. Give Me Your Love
16. Waster
Live & Rarities
1. Sony Minidisc Advert (1994)
2. Good Feeling (from ‘The Word’) (1995)
3. Naked (from ‘Glastonbury 97’)
4. Place Your Hands (from ‘Glastonbury 97’)
5. Come Back Brighter (from ‘TOTP 97’)
6. Yer Old (from ‘TOTP 97’)
7. I’ve Got Something To Say (from ‘TOTP 99’)
8. Set The Record Straight (from ‘TOTP 00’)
9. Live At Jack’s Flat (2000)
10. Start Me Up (from ‘TOTP Re:Union 01’)
11. War Pigs (from ‘Re:Covered 03’)

Home Movies

Cassette Tape: The Purple Tape
1. Second Chance
2. Good Feeling
3. Mellow
4. Hard

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