Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Riverboat Gamblers - European tour and vinyl album


-Spring European tour this April and May - Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium -
-Vinyl release of ‘The Wolf You Feed’-

To celebrate the vinyl release of their album ‘The Wolf You Feed’ the anthemic Texan thrust of Riverboat Gamblers is storming its way to Europe this spring as they tour this April and May.  This will be available from 22nd April 2013 on 12” colour vinyl and features an extra exclusive track.

Together with enigmatic frontman Mike Wiebe, Riverboat Gamblers will roam every spare inch of venues throughout Germany, as well as pit stops in Netherlands - including the awesome Groezrock Festival - Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, and Italy and audiences will immediately be part of the show. Expect swirling masses of humanity where once there were people standing waiting. This is what a Riverboat Gamblers show does to people.

The triumphant punk-rock rallying call of ‘The Wolf You Feed’ comes out on vinyl after its initial release in August last year. Teaming up with Grammy-Award winning engineer Stuart Sikes (The White Stripes, Cat Power) for their sixth album, Riverboat Gamblers created a darker record than any of their back catalogue with hooks hefting hooks aplenty. Just a listen to the first fifteen seconds of the opener ‘Good Veins’ proves that this approach was entirely justified.

The Wolf You Feed perfectly captures the era when punk rock and old rock ‘n’ roll converged: “it's edgy and intense but still catchy so that people could dance to it if they wanted to, and they will want to....my only worry is they won't ever be able to stop” explains Wiebe.

And you will want to dance. Below are your chances to do just that.
25th Gleiss 22, Münster, Germany
26th Sonic Ballroom, Köln, Germany
27th Groezrock Festival, Meerhout, Belgium
28th Pirate Satellite Festival, Stuttgart, Germany    
29th Bei Chez Heinz, Hannover, Germany
30th Queensday Fest, Venlo, Netherlands
1st Vera, Groningen, Netherlands
3rd Kofmehl, Solothurn, Switzerland   
4th Exhaus The Ex-Fest, Trier, Germany
5th Silo 1, Töging, Germany
6th Kulturcafe, Mainz, Germany
8th Shelter, Wien, Austria
9th Feierwerk, München, Germany
10th Factory, Milano, Italy  (w/ Danko Jones)
11th Club Vaudeville, Lindau, Germany
12th Rockhouse Bar, Salzburg, Austria
14th DB's, Utrecht, Netherlands
15th Hafenklang, Hamburg, Germany
16th Schaubude, Kiel, Germany
17th Clash, Berlin, Germany
18th Dirt Master Festival, Winterberg, Germany

Tracklisting for European version of 12” vinyl:
1. Good Veins
2. Bite My Tongue
3. Comedians
4. Soliloquy
5. Gallows Bird
6. Blue Ghosts
7. Heart Conditions
8. Loser Neck
9. Dead Eyes
10. Just Short Of Nothing
11. Eviction Notice