Wednesday 21 July 2010

Latitude announces the LCA Award Winner for 2010

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Latitude announces the LCA Award Winner for 2010

Latitude Festival is proud to reveal that the winner of the first Latitude Contemporary Art Award is Graeme Miller for his visually stunning Moth Theatre installation which was announced at the ceremony on Saturday 17th July at 4pm in the Lavish Lounge, in the beautiful setting of Henham Park Estate on Suffolk’s Sunrise Coast.

Miller received the prize of £10,000 after the LCA judges – Founder and Creator of Latitude Festival and Managing Director of Festival Republic Melvin Benn, broadcaster, journalist and Radio 4's World At One presenter Martha Kearney and Young British Artist Gavin Turk – took an onsite tour of the exhibits of all participating artists.

The piece, which can only be seen at night, is “theatre for moths, by moths.” It uses video feedback triggering monochrome pattern from the shadows of insects, which are drawn to the bright lights within the installation at dusk.

Miller said: “By night the moths are drawn from the woods by the bright lights of a miniature theatre whose stage is saturated with the irresistible pleasure of ultra-violet illumination. They settle to bask in the limelight of a white screen – drawn to a kind of shared stardom of silhouetted insects. In this world the human observer is a guest. What they are drawn to is the intense bluish radiance and in the quiet auditorium of the trees they can eavesdrop on this unwitting performance.”

Graeme Miller is a London-based theatre maker, performer, composer and artist. On winning the prize, Miller was overjoyed and commented how he would now begin the process of creating his installation piece for Latitude 2011.

Melvin Benn has always intended contemporary art to be an integral part of Latitude Festival. Speaking on Saturday he said:

“It was always my intention that contemporary art would be a key element of the programme at Latitude and that art would be given the same platform as the music, theatre, literature and poetry. We have always had spectacular works displayed throughout the site and In The Woods and this year, working with the team involved in the LCA, has given me the confidence to take art at Latitude to a new level. I’m really thrilled Graeme Miller’s installation was chosen as the winner and I look forward to seeing what his next piece will be for Latitude 2011.”

The LCA comprises Melvin Benn, Independent arts writer Louise Gray, Tate Modern curator Ben Borthwick, curator/deputy editor of ‘The Wire’ Anne Hilde-Neset and Managing Director of Lavish Ami Jade Cadillac.

For further Press info contact: 020 7792 9400

Latitude Festival - Cut out by Night - Marc Sethi

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Friday 9 July 2010

Latitude festival - Music and Arts additions

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~ Central St. Martins and Chelsea Fashion College Graduate Shows ~
~ Coco De Mer Presents Circus Child with Victoria Grant ~
~ La Belle Reve featuring Quidams, Joji Hirota and Hiten Ryu Daiko ~

~ Billy Bragg, Jez Butterworth, Mark Thomas - Discussion on identity ~
~ Emily Woof ~ Jennie Rooney ~ Richard Herring ~ Bruno Vincent ~ Craig Taylor ~
~ Comperes - Joel Dommett, Joe Bor, Mark Olver, Roisin Conaty, James Acaster, Wendy Wason and Josh Widdicombe.~

~ Latitude New Act of the Year 2010 ~

~ Millie and Tillie ~ Delete the Banjax ~ Jessica Ransom ~
~ And The Devil May Drag You Under ~ Vikki Stone and the Flashbacks ~
~ Ophelia Bitz ~ New Year's Eve Club ~

~ Circus Space ~ Cambridge Touring Theatre ~

~ Martin Creed & his band ~
~ Birds Eye View present ‘Fashion Loves Film’ ~ The One & Only Herb Maguire ~

~ Pantheonic Empire: Zebraworld ~ Love Calculator ~
~ Barbara and Yogashwara's Safe Space ~

~ House of blueeye’s Bacchanalian Masked Ball ~
~ Native Faces ~ David's Glamour Mask Workshop ~
~ Duckie Pop-up Mask Workshop ~ Faraway Fashion Studio ~

~ Film: The Man Who Stopped The Desert ~

~ Jarmean? ~ Rebecca Hollweg ~ Evi Vine ~

~ Eleanor Lou ~ Rachel Furner ~ Samuel Chase ~ The Agitator ~

~ Bellaza DJ Set ~ My Lad DJ Set ~ Ruckspin DJ Set ~

Latitude Festival returns for an incredible 5th Edition on 15-18th July 2010 set in the beautiful countryside of Henham Park Estate on Suffolk’s Sunrise Coast.

Unlike any other festival, Latitude has built its sterling reputation as a brave and pioneering event with a line-up like no other. In the beautiful Suffolk countryside, Latitude provides only the very best of music, theatre, comedy, literature, film, poetry, dance, art, fashion and cabaret for an exceptional three days and nights of heady indulgence and scintillating entertainment.


Upon the bank of the glorious lake, a defining feature of Henham Park and Latitude Festival, rests the Waterfront Stage. Here a huge variety of musical and visual acts perform dazzling feats, incredible synchronicity and some of the most talked about spectacles of the festival's history. Whether it be ballet, fashion, drum orchestras or breakdancing, you will find something eye-catching and breathtaking at some point during the weekend by the waters edge.

Central St. Martins and Chelsea Fashion College Graduate Shows

An exciting and prestigious addition to Latitude 2010, Central St Martins and Chelsea fashion graduate shows will see the cream of the next generation of designers flaunting their exquisite and innovative designs on a special catwalk by the Lake in the beautiful setting of Henham Park. These highly esteemed colleges have had an enormous impact in the fashion world, producing such alumni as Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney, as well as current leading lights Gareth Pugh, Christopher Kane and creative director of Celine, Phoebe Philo. With a selection of 2010's fashion graduates parading their wares, attendees will have a full display of the artistic and flourishing ambition of the future of the fashion industry. Away from the city-fixated media, this will be a rare opportunity to fully appreciate the endeavours of our young talent and how they will dictate trends in the upcoming seasons.

The models gracing the Latitude catwalk are courtesy of Elite London, part of the world’s biggest modelling network, Elite World. Elite’s scouting programme is famous worldwide for discovering fashion’s brightest new stars, who can be seen on catwalks and magazine covers all over the globe. In addition, this means that Elite's scouts will be searching Latitude for the next supermodels all weekend.

Below are the graduates and what you can expect from their work:

Central Saint Martins:

Mathew Inett - Giles Deacon and Matthew Williamson judged it 'collection of the year' in 2008 and Mathew has since worked as a designer at Giles. Fascinated with silhouette his collection alters and exaggerates the typical human form with his padded oversized skirt suits.

Lee Brown - Inspired by the work of Jim Lambie his collection explores the use of symmetrical lines through colour and unusual fabric combinations.

Sabina Bryntesson - An outward semblance that misrepresents the true nature of something. Any attire that modifies the appearance in order to conceal the wearer's identity. The act of concealing the identity of something by modifying its appearance.

Sorcha O'Raghallaigh - Based on the film 'The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind' the collection focuses on the films representation of memories and inspired by the day of the dead festival, the celebration of death and remembrance have heavily influenced the collection.

Tony Green - This collection has influences from cultures such as the Japanese and nomads and translates the spirit of a loose sketch into reality. The hats in Tony's collection mimic the lines which trail from the page on a piece of paper.

Anne Karine Thorbjoernsen - The collection is inspired by the Russian Constructivist theory: the idea of order and structure using wood as a tool to structure the garments and to create the illusion between 2D vs 3D and to emphasise the space around the body.

Hyerim Lee – The inspiration for this collection was from 60's pop art. Hyerim has developed the graphics onto denim fabric with the colour of gold and silver, and played with scale, bringing out the beauty of denim.

Zoe Sherwood - 'Understated Glamour' includes 'La folie du ciel', a collection of six hair ornaments which capture six different stages of a bird in flight and accentuating the shape of the body using luxurious silks inspired by “the natural lines of the female figure.”

Felipe Royas Llanos – Chosen as one of only 4 menswear designers to show his collection at the CSM A/W 2010 show at London Fashion Week, his collection, Suspended Animation, is based on the idea of being able to capture a movement, or to freeze a moment in time. A collection of luxurious garments, influenced by womenswear couture shapes, cuts and designs, with an innovative and sophisticated style and playful edge.

Adele Deloris Riley - The collection focuses on something close to the heart – his Grandmother putting on her church clothes. The fine jewels, hats, exotic colourings and luxurious materials transformed his Grandmother into a stunning declaration of self hood and womanhood.

Chelsea graduates:

Felicity McDonald-Bing - Sällhet s/s 2010 – Self; Women’s ready to wear spring/summer
collection, strong emphasis on movement and comfort and sensuality.

Bethan Smith - Life Bringers; Native American ceremonial dress and the symbolic, graphic marking of Kachina dolls provide inspiration for two abstract garments. Dip dyed hair and oversized prints encase large sculptural forms, revealing only the wearer’s legs.

Sophie Parker - Through Our Eyes; Characters brought to life in fabric form. Their essence embroidered into linen, wool and silk. Soul and style merge, becoming one.

Helen Lawrence - Constructed Construction; Evolving from a study of constructed weight and movement, developing a concept of combining unconventional materials within knitted fabrics, ultimately amalgamating a collection with an aesthetic that pushes the boundaries of contemporary knitwear.

Sorcha Herbert - Dew covered spider webs. Hung pheasants waiting to be plucked. Freshly ploughed fields. Fallen leaves, crunching underfoot. A frozen lake. Woolly newborn lambs. The first buds of spring, bursting with colour.

Beth Parry - The Enchanted Realm; Twisted tales and spiders webs, the enchanted realm of fairytale draws all those close to it near.

Francesca Prudente - The Childish Moral Dilemma Over the Killing of a Spider; Exploring uncontrollable altered psychological states, the garments are inspired by straight jackets and bondage visualizing mental constraints whilst the textiles adorning these restrictive pieces are revealing the imaginary states of the subconscious.

Catherine Finch - hej hej; General Scandinavian design provided a broad and varied area of initial research, before focusing on Swedish architecture and geometric pattern, translating it into the fabric and garment design.

Lale Guralp - Leather lashes, silk straps, and plastic plumes. Tactile, 3D, detailed surfaces built with a mixture of materials and a range of techniques.

Lauren T-Franks - Into the Woods; A bright, contemporary take on traditional techniques, this collection, inspired by folklore, fuses modern graphic block prints with dyed and printed wooden embellishment.

Shawana Grosvenor - White Set; An exploration into the relationship between two pure forms; shape & colour. Focusing on white and circles; inspired by space and ‘white’ by Kenya Hara.

Alice Powell – Metamorphosis; Initially the collection experimented with yarns that were versatile to movement and stretch. Looking at insects delicate features helped develop fabrics involving pattern that grew throughout the garment.

Hattie Fox - Eye I Can See Through You; Based upon exaggerated forms of make-up and social facades. Using eyes and lips as a focal point the garments provide the bare necessities and then have accessories to accompany them.

Ellen Chatelain - …And They Came From Outer Space; This collection of knitted space jumpsuits is inspired by 1960’s science fiction. All the colours and graphics are taken from photographs of original science fiction magazine and book covers from the space race era.

Nichola Orchard – Cutaneous; (of the skin) passing over the surface are the mountains and valleys. It wrinkles and bulges across its landscape. Tiny cracks that allow it to stretch and move are soft to touch. The tonal hues blend into each other seamlessly.

Coco De Mer Presents Circus Child with Victoria Grant

The fashion extravaganza on Friday will close with the amazing Coco De Mer Presents Circus Child with Victoria Grant. Latitude will showcase the circus inspired pieces which have been designed to raise both funds and awareness for a new charity, Circus Child. Circus Child is a not for profit organisation that supports and promotes circus groups across the world that push the boundaries of tradition entertainment and work towards social change and the empowerment of marginalized groups through education, training, community projects and employment opportunities.

The Circus Child range is limited edition and made to measure. It draws inspiration from the classic era of circus chic and is designed to toy with the senses, it’s playful and flirtatious, sensual and commanding. Mixing elements of Vintage and Military, fine laces and crystals the pieces include showgirl headdresses, Ringmaster tails, sequinned bodies and of course hats by Victoria Grant. A perfect end to the stunning catwalk shows on the lake.

Also appearing on The Waterfront Stage will be spectacular performances from La Belle Reve, featuring the French performance art company Quidams, led by Jean-Baptiste Duperray and Joji Hirota and Hiten Ryu Daiko.

Quidams will be performing ‘Herbert’s Dream’, since the creation in 1997, ‘Herbert’s dream’ as been performed over 400 times worldwide at a host of prestigious international events, enjoyed by huge crowds of all nationalities and ages. Advancing in the shadows tall white stilted figures draped in silk appear as if waiting for a chance meeting. Wrapped in a language of silences and slow gestures they begin strange secretive meetings, they approach the crowds then disappear reappearing finally to invite us to follow them...

Step by step, the four characters transform within the huge crowds, into voluminous 4m high characters. Both deformed and majestic, clumsy and ethereal, as if from another planet their heads lighting up. These enormous silhouettes take us on a journey to find a luminous star… Accompanied by a strange and bewitching soundtrack, the four characters make a magic rite commanding the star to rise up in the sky...As if a wick lighting up the moon...As if in a dream...’Herbert’s Dream’….Didier Boyat and Alexandra Santander are the composers of the music for ‘Herbert’s Dream’. Combining a lyrical style with popular tradition, the soundtrack draws us into a universe that is both soft and violent, acoustic and industrial, ranging from the simple song to wild improvisations.

Joji Hirota is a highly respected composer, Japanese Taiko drummer, multi-percussionist, Shakuhachi player, and singer. Hirota was invited to come to Europe as a percussionist for The Lindsay Kemp Dance Co, where he later became musical director, which won the Time Out Award for the best dance company for their production of Onnagata for which Hirota wrote and performed the music. In 1991 he formed Trisan who toured Europe, Canada, the USA and Japan and Trisan’s first recorded album obtained the No.1 nomination by Tower Records New York for best contemporary instrumental music.

In July 2000 Joji started to play for the Royal Shakespeare Company as percussionist and co-composer for its production of “Macbeth”. In 2002 the JJK project comprising of Taiko and Shakuhachi playing (Hirota, John Kaizan Neptune, Kenny Endo) toured the UK and also performed at the Czech International film festival in 2006 before later releasing an album. Joji Hirota founded Joji Hirota and Hiten Ryu Daiko, which is regarded highly as an established Japanese traditional and contemporary Taiko Drumming Group. They have performed at many events and festivals worldwide and have also been invited to perform in the middle east- to Saudi Arabia, Oman and UAE as part of the Japanese Government projects for the arts in 2007 and 2010. Joji Hirota and the Taiko Drummers were the opening act for the LIVE EARTH concert at Wembley Stadium and will now be performing in the magnificent setting of Latitude’s Waterfront Stage.


The best literary event of the summer, Latitude’s Literary Arena celebrates the written word in all its fabulous glory. For both book worms and casual readers, the best authors and special guests will all congregate under the canopy of the arena and take you on a journey to the far reaches of your imagination.

Politically-motivated singer-songwriter Billy Bragg, writer and film-director Jez Butterworth and activist comedian Mark Thomas will clash on the subject of 'Identity'. Having made their names as outspoken purveyors of their various arts, as well as each representing the strong, traditionally opinionated heart of England, this discussion is bound to be woven in fiercely contested arguments. Whether they explore the very nature of an English identity or the scrabble for a personal voice in an increasingly global herd, you can expect insight, humour and passionate outpourings. Each man has dealt with the subject in their work, especially recently. Jez wrote the highly-successful play Jerusalem about identity, place and community. Mark Thomas has recently returned from the West Bank and is writing a book based on his experiences including how important place is to people. Billy has recently performed at the Wellcome Foundation in the part play, part gig and part art installation 'Pressure Drop', exploring these very themes, and is the perfect person to lead the discussion. As a result, this promises to be one of the most memorable talks in Latitude's five years so far.

Actress, writer and author Emily Woof has established herself as one of the UK's finest acting talents and is now looking to do the same as an author. Following highly-regarded parts in films like The Full Monty, Photographing Fairies and Velvet Goldmine, Emily has just published her debut novel. Entitled 'The Whole Wide Beauty' it captures “a well-tuned sensitivity to the complications of human existence” according to The Guardian, in a tale of middle-class romance set in London and the English countryside.

Jennie Rooney caused rumblings with her quirky debut novel ‘Into The Whale’ (2008) when it was shortlisted for the Costa first novel prize. Her second and current work, ‘The Opposite of Falling’, explores the Victorian-themed travel novel culminating in the exploration of the idea of flying, as a recently dumped woman takes an orphan on Thomas Cook's famed American tour. She will also provide a witty take on the experience of writing historical fiction.

Richard Herring, not content with entertaining us with his stand up in the Comedy Arena, will also now be reading from his brilliant, irreverent new book 'How Not To Grow Up'. Realising he's meant to be grown up at 40, Richard spends the entire book reflecting on how he really hasn't graduated from being in his early twenties. Whether it be comparing his father's career and 17 year marriage to his attempt at a living and no girlfriend, or his addiction to Flumps, Richard deals with the modern male struggle to face life with at least a modicum of grace and dignity...and mostly fails.

Bruno Vincent is co-author of the bestselling 'Do Ants Have Arseholes?’ from which he will be reading extracts. Parodying those factoid collections which are almost always last minute gifts, this book is full of utterly ridiculous answers to hordes of pernickety questions. Who really wants to know the answer to “Why isn't there mouse-flavoured cat food?” and why? Don't know but it makes for good reading.

Craig Taylor is the genius behind the ongoing Guardian column ‘One Million Tiny Plays’, from which he'll be drawing his material for his appearance. Each of the tiny plays are overheard conversations on a variety of mundane or bizarre encounters, from post-hen party blues and a widow's disastrous return to the world of dating to a funeral director's Manchester United fanaticism interfering with a business relationship. Composed entirely of dialogue, they capture both the funny and te sombre side of modern living.

Confirmed to compere in the Literary Arena over the weekend are: Joel Dommett, Joe Bor, Mark Olver, Roisin Conaty, James Acaster, Wendy Wason and Josh Widdicombe.


Latitude has earned a fierce reputation for presenting the searingly sharp edge of comedy and this year Latitude will not disappoint with an incredible wealth of talent throughout the bill. One of the festival’s most enduring fixtures, the Comedy Arena, sees a huge and varied bill of comic splendour.

The highly regarded Latitude New Act of the Year award will take place on site in front of a panel of prestigious judges with the winner receiving £500 prize and the runner up leaving with £250. The nominees up for this year's accolade are: Lewis Costello, Eric Lambert, Ivo Graham, James Acaster, Romish Ranganathan, Inel Tomlinson. Last year's award was won by Paul McCaffery, who continues to perform regularly around the country and is part of the AAA Stand Up show at Edinburgh Fringe this year, followed closely by second place winner Joe Lycett, who will also be performing at Edinburgh Fringe, with fellow comic Andrew Ryan. Come see Latitude uncover tomorrow’s comedy stars in the Comedy Arena.


Latitude’s veritable den of mischief and mayhem, the Cabaret Arena is sumptuously tantalising, seductively tempting and always exceedingly teasing. There's little here that won't enchant and please the decadent and outrageous side of you.

The winners of the 2010 'WINAGIG at Latitude' competition Millie and Tillie are a stunning trapeze duo who perform their riveting acrobatics on the highly unusual double trapeze bar. Using the bar to its full potential, Lisa and Jessie take you back to the roaring twenties as the carefree flappers Millie and Tillie. Their aerial show is a stunning display of acrobatics, and their delightful alter-egos lend the captivating act both humour and character. The stunning acrobatics of Millie and Tillie are performed to authentic Charleston music in beautiful handmade costumes. Combining comedy and character work with dance skills and technical expertise, this highly entertaining feel-good act has wide appeal.

One of the most exciting new live acts on the comedy circuit, Delete The Banjax invite you to this preview of their highly anticipated Edinburgh Fringe 2010 show! Delete The Banjax are a quartet of writers and performers who specialise in a seamless blend of scripted and improvised sketch comedy. Known for their high energy performance style, Samuel Champion, Daniel Cook, Gareth Cooper and Caroline May-Jones present a show of subtly surreal sketches, characters and songs. Throwing in musical highlights like the self-explanatory 'Masturbation Song', their livewire, thoroughly modern sketch comedy compares favourably to the best live and television has to offer.

A regular co-star on BBC 1's The Armstrong & Miller Show, Jessica Ransom will be performing her multi-character solo show Ransom's Millions before her Edinburgh Festival slot in August. What would you do with a million pounds? Everyone could find a way to spend it, but does everyone deserve it? Join Ransom on a breath-taking multi character journey, where the cavalcade of creations all reveal why they should get the cash! Already garnering the kind of reviews that promise future high regard, Jessica's sharp and well-observed characters will remain in the memory as long as her beautiful comic timing.

Vikki Stone and the Flashbacks will be playing their catchy, entertaining - if not exactly family-friendly - songs for us all. Singer and guitarist Vikki Stone is a successful comedian and actress whose musical stand up saw her reach the final of Hackney Empire's New Act of the Year. Brimming with tunes and lyrical sideswipes, Vikki and her band cross the line, repeatedly, between musical humour and straight out hilarity.

Described by The Guardian as “brilliantly twisted”, Ophelia Bitz has the sharpest razor-tongued wit in London; Ophelia Bitz is a vocalist, ringmistress, compere, award-winning Drag King and performance artist with a reputation for stealing hearts, drinks, and anything else not nailed to the table. Hang on to your hats! Sharing stages and screens with Derren Brown, Tim Burton, The Tiger Lillies, The Puppini Sisters and popstar Mika as well as touring her own brand of outrageous sexy comedy across the globe, Ophelia is the ultimate entertainer.

Conceived and created by internationally renowned musical comedian Desmond O’Connor, And the Devil May Drag You Under began life as a cult late-night cabaret on the Edinburgh Fringe in 2008. The following year, in association with Fletch Productions, the show took the Brighton Fringe by storm and has since been performed in London, Berlin and Amsterdam. With a disarmingly charming host and an unparalleled line-up of cabaret talent, And the Devil May Drag You Under proves that hell has never been so heavenly.

Demonising, hypnotising, mesmerising. Desmond O’Connor is an internationally renowned musical comedian whose bittersweet lyrics and insanely catchy melodies never fail to shock, charm and entertain. Desmond will be joined by Dusty Limits - a singer, comedian and compere and one of the leading performers on the New Cabaret scene. He sings everything from Cole Porter to Portishead, often with the words changed, as well as his own original songs, usually with darkly comic themes. Hilarious, glamorous, and exuberantly irreverent, the diminutive Fancy Chance is the undisputed comic spectacle of the UK burlesque/variety/vaudeville circuit. Fancy’s goal is to perform acts that dazzle and delight with comic characters and satire to the max! Lucifire has been working as a professional, featured, speciality act for over 13 years; touring extensively across the globe with her varied repertoire. Her performances are highly skilled and all are performed in an inimitable, unique style. Sarah-Louise Young has been steadily ascending as one of the true, enduring stars of a new generation of British cabaret performers. A stunningly skilled singer, gifted character comedienne and incredibly talented writer of hilarious comedy songs. Pippa the Ripper is a highly skilled hula-hoop artist and aerialist. With a background in musical theatre, a degree in circus arts and a black belt in charm, Pippa ‘the Ripper’ is a deadly crowd pleaser.

Down at The New Year Club guess what time it is? It’s New Year’s Eve and tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life – now is the time for change! Come and join us for a party as we come together for the final countdown; make a resolution, pledge forgiveness, raise your glasses to absent friends and join hands for a round of Auld Lang Syne as we ring in the New Year! You may even get to kiss a stranger…Tonight is the moment when past and future meet. What are you waiting for? Catch The New Year Club as they party around the Cabaret Arena, Pandora’s Playground and The Faraway Forest across the weekend.


Showcasing performances from the nation’s leading theatre companies as well as work from emerging talent, Latitude has brought contemporary, physical, classical and performance theatre to a brand new audience, gaining an unrivalled reputation for its breadth and quality of programming. At Latitude there will be unique and exciting work to be unearthed and discovered with, undoubtedly, something for everyone.

‘The Start of Something’ presented by Circus Space the UK’s National Centre for Circus Arts. From their home in a magnificent converted power station in East London they train the circus artists of the future through their BA (Hons) Degree in Circus Artist. Circus Space also run a host of other projects designed to involve people of all ages in the creative pleasures and physical challenges of the Circus Arts. The show features seven students – aerialists, acrobats and jugglers - who are about to graduate, standing on the brink, ready to take their first steps as professional artists – it’s ‘The Start of Something’, so be there to witness it in the Theatre Arena.

Cambridge Touring Theatre present their very funny musical romp through the world of Robin Hood, Friar Tuck, the Sheriff of Nottingham and Maid Marian. Enjoy the antics of this merry gang from their hideout in Sherwood Forest. This production will be performed in the magical woodland setting of the Outdoor Theatre.


A heady mixture of aural and visual pleasure, the Film & Music Arena is home to some of the festival's most mesmerising work. Alternative and mainstream cinema collide and are bolstered by award-winning documentaries, shorts and memorable Q + A sessions with directors and actors.

For Martin Creed, perhaps best known for winning the Turner Prize in 2001 for Work No 227, the lights going on and off, there is no difference between music making and art making.

Just like his art, Martin Creed's music is striking. A humorous compression of maximum expression pushing the extremes of noise and silence. Start at the Wire and turn left by Napalm Death and keep counting. You might be ambushed by the Martin Creed Band, shooting out dozens of musical starbursts in flashes of wilful and wild music.

Birds Eye View presents you with ‘Fashion Loves Film’ a showcase of the latest and most brilliant pieces of fashion on screen, by artists, fashion designers, and photographers, plus a discussion with those at the cutting edge. Among the highlights are new works by innovators Ruth Hogben and Wendy Bevan, a fashion film featuring Lady Gaga, and a selection of visual treats from fashion photographer’s Toyin, Jamie Isaia and Camile Vivier. The screening will be followed by a discussion with leading practitioners, co-hosted by Jaime Perlman (Art Director of British Vogue) and Kathryn Ferguson (Fashion Loves Film Programmer and Filmmaker).

‘The One & Only Herb Maguire’ will be screened in the Film & Music Arena, when jaded ‘nice guy of folk’ Herb McGwyer agrees to play an exclusive gig for Charles Heath for half a million pounds cash, he makes the journey by boat to the remote Wallis Island. Following awkward introductions, Herb learns that his host Charles is a two-time lottery winner and the size of the gig is much smaller than he anticipated. Herb has to decide whether Charles is a rich and lonely obsessive or genuinely eccentric fan. The gig hangs in the balance but when Herb McGwyer finally leaves the island he has realised the impact of the experience and his love of performing.


Latitude’s veritable den of mischief and mayhem, the Cabaret Arena is sumptuously tantalising, seductively tempting and always exceedingly teasing. There's little here that won't enchant and please the decadent and outrageous side of you.

Pantheonic Empire’s present to you Zebraworld a multi dimensional menagerie of mythical creatures, costume and installation. From Thursday through to Sunday follow them in a psychedelic four day journey of Birth, Life, Death and The After Life. Witness and become a part of ancient worship, procession and workshops. Visit their pyramid for a ceremonial initiation of their sacred shrine space and explore this interior to reveal mysteries of the artificial kingdom before your eyes.

Love Calculator is a theatrical game for 8 people. This eco-friendly machine has been specially designed to calculate your compatibility with other candidates, where two of you will fall in love. You will be asked a series of personal questions, and your answers will be scored and statistically analysed. The Love Calculator will generate a personality profile for each player and get you connected to your perfect partner. Quicker than speed dating, more rigorous than – the only way to find love in 15mins.

Drop by Barbara and Yogashwara’s caravan in Pandora’s Playground and see their ‘Safe Space’ comedy show. Be greeted at the door by the preternaturally mild woman whilst they pass round a collection bucket for a charity supporting families affected by Munchausen's by proxy - 'a cause very close to Barbara and Yogashwara's hearts'. An intimate show that seats an audience of 4 with no way out past Barbara and Yogashwara once you are in, be prepared for the unexpected and be enlightened by their New Age philosophies.


Deep in the woodland adorned with art, decoration and the scent of fresh pine needles is a place full of creative endeavours and astonishing results. From fashion to documentary film, The Faraway Forest is a brand new use of Latitude's beloved space and is designed to delight and enthrall with an eclectic selection of events and happenings. Confirmed for the forest is:

The décor of The Faraway Forest is created by Imogen Hammond, film and music video set designer and event organiser for 15 years, turning The Faraway Forest into an enchanting space for Latitude festival goers. Using electric blue butterflies, oversized flowers, ultra violet lighting and electroluminescent wire this feast of fantasy draws inspiration from 'Avatar’s' magical land of Pandora. The installation is an opportunity to explore our relationship with nature and to heighten the beauty and magic of the wonderful world we live in. We recommend you find time to wander off the beaten path to explore this space.

Meanwhile, graduates from this year’s Central Saint Martins Fashion Communication with Promotion course present The Faraway Fashion Studio, a magpies nest of all things sartorial. The crux of the spectacle lies with an (achingly on-trend) pop-up exhibition featuring the teams eclectic fashion magazines and imagery, in a suitably stylised setting. Pooling together their talents in photography, styling, set design, filmmaking, art
direction and journalism, the team will create a dynamic environment in which festival-
goers can witness and take part in live photo shoots, directional makeovers and micro-
lectures on topics such as new fashion media and festival style. The studio will stitch together their very own fashion fanzine: to be handmade, photocopied and distributed guerilla style - on the final day of the festival.

House of blueeyes will be hosting the bacchanalian forest of freedom. Johnny and the art angels from the house of blueeyes invite you to mask up , dress up , dress down, dance to the music of the god/dess. Beautiful other worldy creatures, pagan performance delights. Be married under the stars by high priestess Johnny blueeyes . Experience the dark, welcome the light. BE FEARLESS ..... DREAM.....BE WILD.....RELEASE YOURSELF.......BE FREE........LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IS THE MESSAGE. With those goals in mind, the elaborate hedonism of The Faraway Forest's fantasy ball represents both the dark and the flamboyant air of nature. Primal, elegant, salacious, coy, brazen yet disguised, this dramatic and bold venture will bring these delicious contrasts together. The theme is whatever you fancy, whatever you desire and whatever you dare! The party will be joined by theatrical menaces Les Enfants Terribles and cabaret ringleader Duckie.

To prepare for the night’s frivolities David’s Glamour Mask Workshop will be positioned near The Faraway Forest to help those who want to really get into the spirit of the masked ball celebration. Venetician mask workshops and classes for decadent deviants, will take place from 3pm. Here you can pour your soul and yearnings into a disguise perfect for a night of ancient Greek excess.

If you haven’t packed a mask in your rucksack, visit the Duckie Pop-up Mask Workshop and craft one in the style of quirky retro pop cultural icons. A big late night show, a big indie dance den, a few mollies and a lot of wearing of paper bags over your head. Mask workshops run by Tim Spooner and Scottee will be running daytimes on Friday and Saturday, visit the Duckie gazebo in Pandora’s Playground near The Faraway Forest and make one to wear at the do.

Native Faces is a fun new face painting project for the lovely people of London town. They send their teams of bubbly girls to parties, events and homes to add an extra bit of fun and sparkle to the night. For Latitude Native Faces will be heading out of the Big Smoke and into the Suffolk fields to be situated by The Faraway Forest on Saturday evening where you can get your face painted for the decadent masked ball if you prefer a made up face to a masked one! What better way to add a bit of sparkle to your outfit than with a little bit of glitter and a whole lot of glamour?


‘The Man Who Stopped The Desert’ tells the story of Yacouba Sawadogo, an African peasant farmer and his struggle to produce pioneering farming techniques which have now changed the lives of thousands of people. This documentary drama follows the man's life from enforced Koran teachings to the burning of his land by jealous neighbours. This incredible story is told in a mere hour, a testament to the art of documentary film making.


Jarmean? are oneironauts, psycho-geographers, time-travelling troubadours transporting their audiences across the emptiness of time and space! Their interesting line-up of tuba, ukulele, drums, clarinet, horns, drums, vocals and live dancer have already lead them to perform at many European Festivals such as Electric Picnic, London Burlesque Festival and Sellindge Music Festival. Jarmean? have a dedicated live following; when they play decadent dressing up and demented dancing are the dish of the day. Let their music move you without moving as you bask in the beauty of the band’s home-world, Babylon-don. Babylon-don! Where anarchy and allegory are beaten into bawdy ballads! With the distinct music hall sound Jarmean? Compared to "Dresden Dolls” "The Pogues" and "Madness" -they aim to be as much theatre as they are band. They have already featured on Steve Lamacq's show on BBC Radio 2 and Converse Music described the band as ‘Blur meets Jack the Ripper’ - so come along to their show and have fun the old fashioned way - dance and sing to tales that could have been told today or a 100 years ago....

Rebecca Hollweg is a London-based singer and songwriter with a special voice and a warm stage presence. Her music has folk, country and pop influences. She's often played live on BBC national radio - Radio 2 (the Janice Long Show), BBC 6Music (the Tom Robinson Show) and BBC Radio 4 (Loose Ends and Woman's Hour) and has released two albums which have been played on BBC Radio 2 by Janice Long, Eamon Holmes, Aled Jones, Alex Lester and Jeremy Vine. Having headlined at many London venues including Ronnie Scott's and The South Bank Centre and all over the UK, she has also supported both Roger McGuinn of The Byrds and Paul Carrack of Squeeze and Mike & The Mechanics on their UK tours, playing large-scale theatre venues round the country. During the last year Rebecca has played festivals in the UK and in France and Crete, and gigs in Germany and Holland.

Evi Vine is a singer/songwriter emerging from the UK’s underground music scene. Inspired by such diverse artists as Leonard Cohen, the Cocteau Twins, Arvo Part and Nine Inch Nails, Raw and emotive, Evi’s powerful, but minimalist narrative style is very much her own. Her voice is described as haunting and other-worldly; her lyrics telling of isolation, sex, death and alienation. Few performers can consistently deliver such an impassioned, emotional and hypnotic show as Evi Vine. Her potent and mesmerising live performances draw the audience into compelled silence. Writing and composing all original material, Evi Vine provides vocals and lead guitar. EVI has been working for two years with Steven Hill on drums, the live experience also brings in a selection of guest musicians on Bass Guitar, Mandolin, Violin and Cello. Past collaborations include composer Graeme Revell (The Crow, Sin City), Sally Herbert (PJ Harvey, Siouxsie & the Banshees) Noel Hogan (Cranberries), songwriter Kevin Hunter (Sheryl Crow). Producers, such as Dave Allen,and Stephen Street. (The Smith, Blur) Evi’s single Drown in Me, remixed Silencer, was hailed by Judge Jules as one of his top ten singles in 2006.


A few metres away from the crystal waters of Latitude’s core landscape feature, The Lake Stage provides tantalisingly early glimpses of Huw Stephens’ freshest tips. Latitude audiences are treated to a full parade of diverse and exhilarating bands about to be splashed across magazines up and down the country. Just added to these future stars are:

Bluesy, articulate songstress Eleanor Lou will open The Lake Stage. This unsigned solo artist from Manchester has a haunting Alison Mossheart vs. PJ Harvey quality to her voice, as well as her abrasive strumming. With a barely hidden growl beneath her vocal expression and a frighteningly mature songwriting ability for her tender years, Eleanor is an exciting and understated talent whose stock can only grow and grow from here on in.

At a mere 17 years of age, singer songwriter Rachel Furner has already conjured a colourful image and a pure pop voice which has caught a lot of attention. She's already covered La Roux's In For The Kill and is supporting Pixie Lott as part of the iTunes Festival. Following in the trend of sassy, synth-toting female singers, Rachel is sure to strike out on her own following her Lake Stage performance.

Samuel Chase has already released a single via the Moshi Moshi Singles Club, 'Diamonds On a Boat', which showcases his icy, electronic sparseness, matched with his heart-warming, tender voice. The live show, under the name Samuel and the Dragon, has been known to include improvised live projections alongside James Cameron's elegant digital constructions.

Derek Meins AKA The Agitator has been part of a short lived, NME approved indie band (Eastern Lane), started a solo career under his real name, begun a poetry and music night called Soapbox and is now causing ripples down the spines of 'the man' which his gospel and soul tinged acapella act. With snippets of heartfelt poetry, some ramshackle percussion and a voice as powerful as the town crier, The Agitator builds a euphoric burst of indelible mantras, all harmonious and undeniable. He's compelling alone, but any guest musicians that may turn up only help him carry his message to an even greater audience.


A deliciously unexpected treat waits within the fragrant woods on the other side of the lake. The Sunrise Arena, situated along the nature trail spattered with flourishes of art and decadent spirit, is host to a splendid foray of new acts. Some of them will have been on the hushed lips of dedicated gem hunters for a while and others will be on the rise already, about to break for all to enjoy. After the bands have finished for the day the party starts with a different DJ set for Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening.

Bellaza is a Budapest-born, London-based DJ. She mostly plays in Brick Lane clubs and bars and in The Egg Garden, but she also had several successful gigs in New York and her home town. Her sets built from progressive chords, funky tech house beats and uplifting vocals, a perfect way to end your Friday night party deep in the woods.

My Lad is a London based DJ, producer and singer who never fails to shake his audience with the real use of the word ‘selection’ in his music. Having played at some of the UK’s biggest festivals and club nights already such as SeOne Club, Fabric and Outlook Festival, the West London DJ is looking forward to bringing his unique style in playing records to the ears of the Latitude late night revellers.

Ruckspin is an international DJ who has played across the world at festivals and events such as Renegade Hardware in Germany, Outlook Festival in Croatia, Dubside and Urban Decay in Poland. Here in the UK he has played at club nights including Metropolis, Valve Soundsystem, New Bohemia and Exodus amongst many more. He is currently working on several projects including Central Beatz, Submotion Orchestra and Cymatic UK. Ruckspin is guaranteed to see your Sunday night at Latitude out in style!


Latitude's programme cannot all be squeezed into three days and nights so those arriving on Thursday to pitch their tents can look forward to an array of evening entertainment. Over on The Lake Stage we have globally-renowned violinist and composer Nigel Kennedy taking on the work of jazz pioneer Duke Ellington. At midnight we have the incomparable Tom Jones performing his new covers album 'Praise & Blame' within the intimate setting of the woods. He is ably preceded by the Oxford-based French traditionalists Les Clochards.

La Belle Reve featuring Quidams will be bringing their extraordinary performance pieces to the Waterfront Stage across the weekend, with the first spectacular performance on Thursday evening. Do not miss this visual delight!

As well as these huge musical highlights we also have bold theatre including a performance of Nabakov's It's About Time and the RSC's vision of The Thirteen Midnight Challenges of Angelus. Exclusive to Latitude is the bizarre and twisted whodunnit, Les Enfants Terribles' 'The Vaudevillains'.

For more wordy magic we'll be hearing experiences and extracts from the writings of authors in the Literary Arena with the amazing Jackie Kay, Jennie Rooney, Louise Stern, Howard Jacobson and a special reading from Robert Forster and another annual instalment of the now legendary Robin Ince's Book Club.

In the Poetry Arena we have a bumper selection of New Voice poets: Luke Wright, John Osborne, Matt Harvey, Martin Figura, Byron Vincent, Alex Gwyther, Sabrina Mahfouz and Rosy Carrick and the popular SLAM poetry event with Steve Larkin.

Meanwhile, musical highlights over the weekend include Obelisk Arena headliners Florence + the Machine, Belle and Sebastian and Vampire Weekend as well as The National, The xx, Empire Of The Sun, Laura Marling, Frank Turner, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Spoon, Crystal Castles and Mumford & Sons amongst so many other.
Elsewhere throughout the weekend, festival goers can enjoy the comedy stylings of Emo Philips, Phill Jupitus & Friends Improv Show, Stephen K Amos; leftfield poetry from Eddie Argos; and dramatic performances courtesy of the Royal Shakespeare Company, Royal Opera House and Liverpool Everyman & Playhouse in association with Paines Plough.

It really is a place like no other; an intimate world away from reality that encourages you to be all that you’ve ever wanted to be whilst indulging in the spirit of exploration and discovery.

The full length press release, with details on all acts appearing at Latitude so far, is available to download from:



For further Press info contact: 020 7792 9400

Latitude Festival - Cut out by Night - Marc Sethi

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